Presenting Sponsors have the privilege of selecting the print of their choice and associating their name with it. For a $5,000 donation we will add “Presented by [your name / logo]” to the prints information card, website page and catalog page. We will also add you to our list of supporters on our website.

It is a great way for individuals and companies to support the event but also to introduce one of the contributing photographers to the auction attendees. Put your name on your favorite print, associate yourself with your preferred photographer or highlight a subject matter that particularly matters to you.

There is only one Presenting Sponsor per print so don’t wait until your favorite one gets picked by someone else.

Friends of Anton is fiscally sponsored by Reporters Sans Frontières / Reporters Without Borders, a 501(c)(3).

We have a number of additional sponsorship opportunities at varying levels of commitment and exposure. PLease contact us for further information.

Sponsorship contact:
David Brabyn at 917.267.8492 / Email

For additional information contact:
Jennifer Houston at 212.867.1117 / Email