Mani – Young Girl Singing in Baba Amr

Young Girl Singing in Baba Amr - 2011

Young girl singing revolutionary songs at a demonstration against Syrian regime in Baba Amr, Syria, November 2011.

Mani (b. 1971, France) made his mark with the incredible photos and video footage he brought back from siege of Homs in Syria. From October 2011 to February this year, he traveled several times to Homs taking huge risks to document demonstrations, assaults and torture.

In January and February he produced three films: Horror of Homs, Torture in Homs and Battle for Truth, which were aired by international broadcasters, such as Channel 4 News, CNN, CBS, SVT, Canal+.

His photos has been featured in international publications, among them Le Monde, Die Zeit, El-Pais, The Guardian and National Geographic. He studied Arabic literature and language at The French Institute for Arabic Studies and Syrian University, Damascus, and has also work in India and Pakistan.


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