Jody MacDonald – The Last of His Kind

The Last of His Kind - 2010

Rajan is one of the few salt water swimming elephants on Earth. Initially trained using very cruel methods to log the islands of the Andamans, he was forced to swim with massive loads. At 60 years he is the last of the group to survive. Now retired, he spends his time with his caretaker and now enjoys swimming and walking through the forests he once logged. He is truly the last of his kind.

Jody MacDonald (b. 1975, Canada) is an adventure sport and documentary style photographer. Her love for the outdoors began at a very early age, and led her to a passion for photographing travel and adventure. For the last 5 years she has been the resident photographer on Discovery - a 60 foot catamaran on a global expedition to explore the wildest corners of the planet.

Through adventure and exploration, Jody strives to capture the moments in between and to document the fragility and beauty of the planet. From the South Pacific to Iceland, she routinely produces unique imagery and authentically documents the the places she travels to.

Her work has been published all over the globe by outlets such as the National Geographic, Outside, Forbes, BBC, Men's Journal and others.


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