Bruno Stevens – Baghdad, Cafe Al Zahawi

Baghdad, Cafe Al Zahawi - 2003

The window of the Al Zahawi cafe in Rashid street, named after a famous local poet and musician, Baghdad, Iraq, February 12, 2003. Baghdad cafes are a trademark of this ancient city; men gather after prayer and play dominoes or blackjack with intense passion while drinking black or lemon tea or traditional arabic coffee (ka’wah). As the American menace of invasion drew nearer, tension was clearly perceptible.

Awards: 1st Prize Daily Life Single World Press 2004

Bruno Stevens (b. 1959, Belgium) After working as a music engineer, Bruno Stevens decided to become a photojournalist in 1998. He has worked in Mexico, Haiti, ex-Yugoslavia, Chechnya, Afghanistan, India, Israel, Palestine, Iraq, Darfur, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Uganda, Pakistan, Kenya, Somalia, Angola, Lebanon, Cambodia, Algeria, Iran, Laos, USA, Tunisia, Libya.

Bruno Stevens is focussing on the fate of civilian populations in tension or war zones, his work is regularly published in Stern, Liberation, The Sunday Times Magazine, Time, Newsweek, Paris-Match as well as many others.

Personal connection to Anton: met Anton several times in the field


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