Auction at Christies (by John Minchillo)

The final results are in. And they are go far beyond our wildest hopes.

Last Tuesday’s we – you – raised $135,089 to help secure the future of Anton’s three children. That figure includes silent and live auction sales, “paddle raise” donation, online ticket sales and at-the-door donations. It doesn’t include donations received via the website.

We are humbled by everyone’s generosity. From the attendees, the photographers, the volunteers, the sponsors, the partners and all the volunteers, we could not have expected anything like as much. You are all Anton’s friends and he is lucky to have you looking after his kids.

Penny, Anton’s wife, is over the moon for the children. She spoke to Anton’s mother after we told her we had broken the $100k mark but didn’t yet know the final figure. His mum was “gobsmacked”.

Make sure you watch this brilliant BBC News video on the event.

Here are some details and stats.

  • Online ticket sales: $10,374
  • Ticket Contributions/Other Donations: $1,115
  • Total Program Auction: $11,000
  • Total Live Auction:$32,000
  • Total Silent Auction: $80,600
  • 72 contributing photographers
  • 80 prints donated
  • Only 6 prints unsold
  • 245 tickets sold online
  • room status: choc-a-block
  • 17 volunteers helping on the day
  • 4500 promo cards distributed

Thank you.

Photo by John Minchillo.

One Response to “You Raised $135,089 On Tuesday!”

  1. Inspirational, amazing and just profoundly humbling. I wish Anton’s family all the very best and the ‘greats’ in photography have done to honour him and help his family in an immensely difficult time


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