Anton’s wife Penny issued the following statement in response to the AP story on the identification of remains found in Libya.

5 April 2012

Statement in response to queries regarding progress in the search for Anton’s remains

“News of remains that could be a possible match for Anton came to us a month ago.

“The family did everything it could to alert relevant authorities to this. The South African Government, who obtained DNA samples from Anton’s parents in mid-2011, assured the family that it would treat the matter with high priority. We have also sent a set of dental records to Libya in the hope of expediting the identification process.

“We need the South African and Libyan governments to access the remains and carry out the analysis required to verify whether this is Anton.

“It is a year since Anton’s death and it is devastating that we have still not managed to find him.”


3 Responses to ““It is a year since Anton’s death…””

  1. Unfortunately, at this time that we suffer loss and grief on the spirit of the photographer Anton Hammerl .. I am a writer and poet from Libya … Gaddafi’s intelligence has put me in prison before the revolution, after publishing articles and poems and went out on 08.24.2011 after the liberation of Tripoli … I heard the story and felt much pain for what happened to Mr. Anton Hammerl … Ms. Clare Morgana Gillis called me in October 2011 and then came together and we discussed several ideas to launch a campaign across the Libyan media to search for the missing in Libya, and how to communicate with the competent Libyan authorities … I received a letter from Ms. Penny Sukhraj-Hammerl wife of Mr. Anton Hammerl addressed to the Libyan people to help in the detection and circumstances of the killing and the disappearance of the body .. On May 3 a large number of journalists in Benghazi, Libyans will meet to remember the writers and journalists who were killed during the dictatorship in Libya, including Mr. Anton Hammerl photographer, journalist and a human being … …. Libyan journalists during their anniversary of World Press Freedom Day will be on display for his case and the date of his work in Libya and how they were arrested and killed by the forces of Gaddafi. We ask God to bless his soul and give his wife and his children a lot of patience and hope to find out the truth ..


    • Habib,

      We are all touched by your words. I remember meeting you with Clare in Benghazi in Oct. 2011. You and your brothers were an inspiration to many so journalists during the revolution. Especially you and Mohammed who were jailed for over six months in Abu Salim prison. We can only thank humanists like you and so many other big-hearts in Benghazi, who helped us search for Anton, for your efforts, and ask you to keep helping us all in the search and to pray for our success to provide something for Anton’s children through this auction in New York. I will forward your words to Penny.

      In solidarity on May 3,

      Your friend

      James Foley


  2. Dear Habib,

    I remember meeting you with Clare in Oct 2011. You showed great concern for Anton and so many in Benghazi has assisted the family in the search for him.

    You and your brothers have been an inspiration to many reporters through out the revolution. Especially you and Mohammed, arrested for over six months in Abu Salim prison.

    Know that your memorial on World Press Freedom day for Anton and other Libyan journalists who lost their lives means a tremendous amount.

    Please help continue the search for Anton and pray for us to provide something for his children through this auction in New York.

    in solidarity on May 3,

    Your friend

    James Foley


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